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« Landscapes from yesterday and today » : a presentation of rock varieties that contributed to the constitution of today's natural landscape and, in particular, to that of the limestone plaques from the Oligocene period (-30 million years). They harbor in their bosom perfectly preserved fossilized animals and vegetables, which explains why they are considered a natural geological reserve. «Flint carvers from the Largue Valley» : at the foot of the Vachères plateau, 120, 000 years ago, men took advantage of the important flint reserves in their environment to fabricate tools, as well weapons for hunting and self-defense. In the final Neolothic, the extraction of lfint and carving techniques attained a highly evolved level. « Buiders and sculptors » : The hills of Vachères have been inhabited since prehistoric times. It is a land of agriculture and farming, in which alpine peoples and Roman civilization co-existed unti the end of the Empire. The traces of this history have remained engraved in stone as testified by the Gallo-Roman statue «The Vachères Warrior».
Thématiques : Antiquité / Archéologie / Histoire locale régionale / Préhistoire / Sciences naturelles /

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– “Guide du visiteur curieux : le village de Vachères et son musée”, coédition avec l’association du Patrimoine de Vachères.

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