Musée municipal Paul-Lafran de Saint-Chamas
Since March 10th, 2000, the museum bears the name of Paul LAFRAN, the founding president of the Amis du Vieux Saint-Chamas organization, and is located in his 17th century townhouse. The main hall on the ground floor is dedicated to local life. A stunning Arlésienne in late 19th century traditional dress welcomes visitors, who will then discover clothing and firsthand accounts by the inhabitants of Saint-Chamas. Several displays remind us of what an important role the town's gunpowder factory played over the centuries. Visitors will also discover collections of objects from everyday life and religious documents. A small back room contains archeological treasures discovered during excavations undertaken by Paul Lafran himself. On the first floor, a magnificent space with exposed ceiling beams dating back to the 17th century, is dedicated exclusively to painting. It is an ideal setting in which to discover paintings by contemporary artists who have been inspired by Saint-Chamas. Works by M. Liéger, A. Charrier, V. Monte, M. Berle, M. Truc and J. Ordonneaud accompany those by great masters such as P. Ambrogiani and René Seyssaud. 19th century ex-votos also grace the room's walls.
Thématiques : Archéologie / Arts religieux / Beaux arts / Ethnologie / Histoire locale régionale /

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Place des Pénitents - 13250 - Saint-Chamas
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Au coeur du village, en haut de la rue Denfert.
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Mardi, Jeudi et Vendredi de 14h00 à 17h00
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